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We inform you of the clinical trials that are being conducted by K-MASTER Precision Medicine Project Group.

Number Protocol
Research Title Carcinoma Target Gene Clinical
Trial Drug
PI Institution Progress
Number of Subjects to be enrolled
1 KM-00 Evaluation of genome-based treatment in solid cancers - Screening Protocol (KM-00) Progressive solid cancer Any targetable gene - Korea University Anam Hospital registering 6584/10000
2 KM-01 A phase II study of avelumab in patients with mismatch repair deficient or POLE mutated metastatic colorectal cancer MSI-H Metastatic colorectal cancer MSI Avelumab Seoul Asan Medical Center complete 33/33
3 KM-02-01 The Pilot Study to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of Sirolimus, in subject with refractory Solid Tumors Solid Cancer PIK3CA/Akt/PTEN Sirolimus SAMSUNG MEDICAL CENTER complete 25/25
4 KM-05 The Effect of EGFR TKI Treatment Based on Liquid Biopsy Panel Screening in Patients with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Non-small cell lung cancer EGFR/ALK Gefitinib Seoul ST. Mary’s Hospital registering 7/105
5 KM-06 A Phase II Study of Nivolumab in Patients with Genetic alterations in DNA Damage repair and response Who Progressed after Standard treatment for Metastatic Solid Cancers Metastatic solid cancer dDDR Nivolumab Korea University Anam Hospital registering 30/48
6 KM-07 A phase III, randomized, multi-center study to determine the efficacy of the intercalating combination treatment of chemotherapy and gefitinib or chemotherapy as adjuvant treatment in NSCLC with common EGFR mutations. Non-small cell lung cancer EGFR Gefitinib/Pemetrexed Yonsei Cancer Center registering 83/225
7 KM-08 c-METmutation/amplification Basket Research Solid Cancer c-MET amplification or exon 14 mutation Tepotinib Chungbuk National University Hospital registering 3/20
8 KM-10(A) Phase II Study of Trastuzumab plus Gedatolisib in Patients with HER-2 Positive Metastatic Breast Cancer Who Progressed after 2 or more HER-2 directed Chemotherapy HER-2 Benign metastatic breast cancer PIK3CA/Akt/PTEN Trastuzumab/Gedatolisib Korea University Anam Hospital registering 8/62
9 KM-10(B) Open label, multicenter, prospective phase II study to investigate the efficacy and safety of Trastuzumab biosimilar plus treatment of physician’s choice in Patients with HER-2 Positive Metastatic Breast Cancer Who Progressed after 2 or more HER-2 ... Metastatic breast cancer HER2 Trastuzumab+ Selected anti-cancer drugs National Cancer Center registering 54/119
10 KM-11 Combination chomotherapy of nanoxel and herzuma in patients with relapsed or metastatic salivary gland carcinoma : open label single arm multicenter phase II study Salivary gland cancer Her2 Nanoxel, Trastuzumab Samsung Medical Center registering 33/43