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The K-MASTER business group leads the effort to protect the health and wellbeing of the people from cancer

The K-master (Cancer Precision Medicine Diagnosis and Treatment Enterprise) project seeks to create a genetic analysis platform for precision medicine-based cancer diagnosis and treatment, and to establish a process to verify the effects of targeted therapy based on individual patient profiling. The K-master project is leading the way in tackling cancer nationwide.

Precision medical care is defined as medical practice that provides optimized treatment on an individual patient basis, exploiting known genetic and environmental characteristics, living environment and habits. In addition, precision medical care will help to improve national health services through the development of integrated analytical technology with large amounts of cancer genome information, to encourage the growth of the fourth industrial Revolution.

The K-master project involves a group of leading researchers in Korea aiming to expand precision medicine-based cancer diagnosis and treatment services through clinical trials, by analyzing gene mutations in domestic cancer patients and potential target therapeutics.

The goal of the K-master project is to allow all patients equal access to healthcare services. Currently, patients from small-tomedium-sized hospitals have limited accessibility to new diagnostic methods and cancer treatment compared with those in larger institutions, such as the university hospital in Seoul. In order to apply targeted treatment, it is necessary to perform genetic mutation testing. Progress can be slow and it is often difficult to find significant mutations. K-master will utilize existing inspection panels and develop a new next-generation sequencing (NGS) panel, to find the right target treatments more quickly and easily.

We will do our best to develop into a world-class institution and provide precision-medical care to cancer patients. We will position ourselves at the forefront of innovative clinical trials for the development of novel, targeted cancer treatment in Korea.

Thank you.


June 2017
Kim, Yeul Hong

President of the K-master Cancer Precision
Medicine Diagnosis and Treatment Enterprise